Once I began seriously thinking about having children I always assumed I would breastfeed. Aside from the fact that research will tell you that it is the best (healthiest) choice for both baby and mom, I wanted to breastfeed to save money! Depending on your sources and what you consider in your "cost of breastfeeding" … Continue reading Breastfeeding


Is it OK to admit this?

I am writing this post one handed and cradling a baby in the other. I managed to write that sentence, then the baby got fussy and I decided it was the perfect time to make cookies for my sister's bridal shower, and now I am sitting down to write again, this time the baby is … Continue reading Is it OK to admit this?

Early Arrival

In my last post, I wrote about my planned ECV, well I never got to have the procedure, my son was born instead! The evening before my version my husband and I cleaned the house, packed our hospital bags made sure we were ready, just in case the procedure put the baby into distress or caused … Continue reading Early Arrival